Philippe AURIER

Professeur (IAE, Université de Montpellier)


Université de Montpellier, IAE, Bat 27, Place Bataillon
34000 Montpellier

Email : philippe.aurier[a]


  • Co-animateur programme A2P3 – Gouvernance, Stratégies de Marché et Performance Durable du LabEx Entreprendre
  • Directeur Mention MAE et Parcours Chef de Produit – Direction Marketing
  • Editorial Board of Psychology and Marketing (2015-2020)


  • Docteur HEC Paris, 1990
  • HDR UM, 1991 


Philippe Aurier got his  PhD in HEC (France) 1990, under  Pr.Yves Evrard supervision.

He got a Post-Doctoral  position  at University of California at Los-Angeles – Anderson School of Management (USA) under the invitation of Pr. Lee Cooper (1992).

His recent papers deal with consumer loyalty, relationship marketing, brand and brand-line strategies, marketing and brand performance, marketing and finance.

His most important areas of investigation are Agrofood and Cultural Marketing.

Member of the board of LabEx Entreprendre, program “Market strategies and sustainable governance”.



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TEACHING at University of Montpellier, School of Management

Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Diagnosis and Market Studies, Marketing Models, Statistical Methods.

Head of the Master “Product Manager”.


  • Journée annuelle du Marketing Agroalimentaire à Montpellier, labélisée Journée thématique de l’AFM, depuis 2005.