A very active training support policy.

Entreprendre Training Endeavours

One of the LabEx’s three fundamental missions is to enable the knowledge produced by researchers is disseminated through high-quality training courses. Three main approaches can be identified: Master’s courses (in law, economics and management) are a prime way of disseminating research-based knowledge to initial and continuing education students; training courses on and through research are initiated or supported by the LabEx; ad hoc executive training courses are designed at the request of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entreprendre GRADUATE CENtER





LabEx Entreprendre provides support to the training departments in which its members teach:


  •  Several master’s programs (“affiliated master’s programs”) offer courses based on the work of LabEx researchers;
  • LabEx supports various training programs for and through research.



  • Master Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Master SME General Management
  • Master Organizational Management and Responsible Development
  • Master Ecological Transition and Circular Economy Management
  • Master Strategy Innovation Consulting (Strat’Innov)
  • Master Law and practice of labor relations


  • IDIL program (InterDisciplinary In Lab): an international, interdisciplinary master’s program (focusing on the 3 core issues of Nourish, Protect, Care), IDIL offers students the opportunity to train in a research laboratory, starting in Master 1. A management course (Master Management and Sustainable Transition – MaST), designed by Montpellier Management and LabEx Entreprendre, has been on offer since 2022;
  • PuRPOSE project : an international introductory research program in entrepreneurship and management, PuRPOSE is offered to Master 1 students enrolled in a Master’s degree in the same field at one of the partner universities (Université de Montpellier, Universität Siegen, Technological University of the Shannon);
  • Master’s in Management Research and Studies (REM): this research master’s program is open to students enrolled in a Master’s 2 program in management or to graduates of a Master’s program in management;
  • Doctorate : in collaboration with the doctoral schools of the University of Montpellier (Ecole Doctorale Economie Gestion; Ecole Doctorale de Droit), LabEx finances doctoral contracts and, more generally, welcomes doctoral students involved in its research programs. Find out more about PhDs at LabEx Entreprendre


Entreprendre Executive Training



Ad hoc training courses are designed by LabEx Entreprendre to meet the specific needs of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For example:

  • EMBA Growth Strategy (in collaboration with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and Leader Occitanie)
  • VSE Accelerator (Leader Occitanie)

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